Asociación Musical Pablo Nassarre | Enlaces de interés – Colecciones de instrumentos
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Colecciones de Instrumentos


-Colección Hazen


Finchcocks Museum of Music. Kent (Inglaterra)


-The Cobbe Collection. Surrey (Inglaterra)


Mobbs Early Keyboard – Private collection


-The Benton Fletcher Collection (The Early Keyboard Collection) – Fenton House


-Fortepiano Collection. Pooya Radbon


-Hans Adler Music Collection


-Ralf and Heiko Hansjosten


Royal Academy of Music Museum


-Vázquez Collection. Castello di Duino. Friuli (Italia)


Colecciones de Instrumentos. Universidad


-Universidad de Edinburgo (Escocia). Edinburgh University Collection of Historic Musical Instruments.


-Universidad de Leipzig (Alemania). Museum für Musikintrumente.


Yale University. Collection of Musical Instruments. New Haven (Connecticut, USA)


-Oxford Universtity. The Bate Collection, University of Oxford (Inglaterra)


-Harvard University. Department of Music
Collection of Instruments. (Massachusetts, USA)


-Duke University. Musical Instrument Collection (DUMIC). Durham (North Carolina, USA)


-University of Cambridge (Inglaterra)